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For more than 70 years, we have been serving farmers, hobby farmers, homeowners and vegetable gardeners in Dakota County and beyond. We offer a wide variety of products and services to meet your needs. Thanks for visiting our Website. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Fall Specials
Boxelder bugs bugging you?
We've got the answer: Tempo!
Just pour a few drops of this magic liquid into your hand sprayer, add a gallon of water, shake well and spray wherever the boxelder bugs are gathering and then watch them drop like flies. And, like magic, Tempo keeps killing boxelder bugs, Asian beetles, spiders and other pesky bugs until rain gradually washes it away. Tempo is safe and it doesn't stain. And because you use so little, one bottle will last for years. Do yourself a big favor and stop in today and pick up a bottle.
Lawn/Farm & Garden Fertilizers
See our four-step lawn fertilization program.
06-04-00Milorganite OrganicCall for price/50#
18-00-03Viper, 25% slow release12,500 sq. ft.Call for price/50#
24-00-1520% slow, S. FE.10,000 sq. ft.Call for price/50#
18-00-0340% Milorganite10,000 sq. ft.Call for price/50# bag
14-00-24Mangenese (moss)Call for price/50#
Garden limeCall for price/50#
GypsumCall for price/50#
10-10-10Farm & GardenCall for price/50#
09-23-30Farm & GardenCall for price/50#
19-19-19Farm & GardenCall for price/50#
46-00-00Farm & GardenCall for price/50#
18-18-08Nursery MixCall for price/50#
15-00-05Liquid fertilizerCall for price/2.5 gallons
20-20-20Water solubleCall for price/25#
10-52-10Water solubleCall for price/25#
Protect our lakes and streams!

Lawn Seed
Here are our most popular lawn seeds:
♦ Lo Gro
♦ Perennial Ryegrass Turf
♦ Sandy Soil
♦ Shady Lawn
♦ Speedy Green
♦ Sunny Lawn

Please call for our current prices.

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Hobby Farmers!

We do custom feed grinding and mixing for a wide variety of animals, including cattle, hogs, chickens, alpacas, goats and sheep. We'll grind, mix and bag your special blends in batches as small as 500 lbs. For more details, give us a call at


Hubbard's Show-Rite feeds are specially formulated for show animals -- cattle, goats, lambs, pigs, poultry and rabbits. We don't stock Show-Rite feeds, but they are available via special order. Please call for details.

Hubbard Life horse feed

Cool Command
Lower carbohydrate feed consisting mostly of high fiber ingredients, including alfalfa, soy hulls and beet pulp, plus complex organic minerals. A highly digestible feed that comes in pellet form to minimize sorting and ensuring balanced nutrition.
Designed to meet the special nutrient needs of older horses, Hubbard Life Senior consists of highly digestible fiber sources, such as beet pulp and soy hulls, plus yeast culture to increase digestibility, absorption and utilization of minerals. It also contains high levels of vitamin E, which is necessary to maintian a healthy immune system.
In addition to the above feeds, which we stock in our warehouse, we can also order Hubbard Life Summit and Hubbard Life Performance.

Summit is a multi-stage feed containing 14% protein and is designed to meet the nutritional needs of all horses in any stage of life. Summit includes such plant protein sources as soybean meal, sunflower meal, canola meal, alfalfa meal and linseed meal, as well as organic trace minerals, vitamin and yeast. Energy sources may include oats, barley, corn and vegetable oil. It also contains Sel-Plex, an organic selenium source.

As the name implies, Hubbard Life Performance is formulated to meet the energy, protein, vitamin and mineral demands of an equine athlete. It contains higher fat levels to provide increased caloric intake while minimizing the risk of overfeeding of high carbohydrate feeds. It also contains chelated minerals to promote disease and stress resistance and yeast cultures to promote optimal fiber utilization.

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Buy 12 bags of Hubbard Life Horse Feed and get one free.
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Vermillion 12% horse sweet feed

Homestead Poultry Feeds
Homestead Fastgrow

Designed as the sole ration for chickens from hatch until market or maturity. Contains organic selenium, which supports the chick's immunity and health systems.

Homestead Layer Ration

A nutrient-dense, carefully balanced diet for laying hens. Enables hens to produce strong-shelled healthy eggs with rich yellow egg yolks.

Duck & Goose Ration

Designed specifically for ducks and geese, formulated with wholesome grains plus vitamins and minerals to promote sound skeletal growth and maintenance for top-quality birds.

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Frequent Buyer Program
Buy 12 bags of Homestead poultry feed and get one free.
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Hy View Organic & Non GMO Feeds & Grains
Please call for pricing and availability

Water Softner Salt
White Solar Salt
$5.75/50 lb. bag
10+ $5.50/50 lb. bag
Pallet $5.25/50 lb. bag
Iron Fighter Pellets
$6.25/40 lb. bag
Water Softner Pellets
$6.75/50 lb. bag
Wildlife Mixes

Black Sunflowers
$21.95/50 lb. bag

Wild Bird Mix
$19.95/40 lb. bag
Scratch Mix
$11.95/50 lb. bag
Call for price/56 lb. bag
Call for price/56 lb. bag
Bulk Whole Corn
Call for price/56 lbs.
Cob Corn
Call for price/25 lb. bag
Pest Control

Legendary killer of boxelder bugs and Asian beetles.

Rodent Block
Peanut flavored, mold & moisture resistant. Can be used indoors or outside. Contains Diphacinone. Kills Norway rats, roof rats, house mice & meadow voles.

Place Pacs
22 pacs per pail. Contains Bromethalin. Kills rats, mice and meadow voles.

mouse traps
95¢ each

Fresh Cab

Kinetic Performance Dog Food

Kinetic Performance Dog Food is specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of working and sporting dogs. Kinetic Performance Dog Food consists of three animal protein sources -- chicken, fish and eggs -- and contains no corn, wheat or soy. It is available in four protein levels: 26% (Active), 28% (Puppy), 30% (Power) and 32% (Ultra). Each formula is designed to provide high energy, rapid recovery, elevated fitness, healthy digestion, durable paws & pads and healthy skin and coat. Kinetic Performance Dog Food will keep your hard working partner in tip-top shape.

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