Harley, elevator's newest staffer

Harley, a spirited Springer Spaniel, has been greeting Vermillion Elevator customers for more than four years now. He replaced Willy, a fixture at the elevator for about 14 years. Sadly, old age and an aggressive tumor forced Greg, Kate and the girls to have Willy put to sleep in June 2011. Unlike Willy, who contentedly -- and quietly -- sat in a chair by the window and watched the world rush past, Harley chewed on toys, pigs' ears, fingers, pant legs, shoelaces, a doorstop and an occasional telephone line for the first year or so of his life. He's grown taller and longer than Willie, and loves to loudly demand his dogfood and treat every morning. While a delightful addition to the elevator staff, Harley has a ways to go before he can earn Willy's coveted -- and never relinquished -- title as Employee of the Month.

Willie in his prime.

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