Wildlife Food Plots

We feature a wide assortment of wildlife food plot mixes that produce a nourishing and attractive food source for a variety of wildlife. These professionally formulated plots are produced by the Deer Creek Seed Co., which was founded in 1977 and is now headquartered in Windsor, Wis. So if you want to attract wildlife to your property, check out the food plot mixes below and then give us a call or, better yet, stop in and we'll offer some advice and share our expertise.

All Season Food Plot Mix
✔44% Winter Rye
✔32% Barley
✔20% Forage Pea
✔2% Purple Top Turnip
✔2% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed

This is an annual mix that provides a balanced food source for deer, grouse, turkey, pheasant and other wildlife.
Seeding rate: 50-75 lbs./acre
Autumn Buffet Food Plot Mix
✔20% Hunter Forage Brassica
✔20% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed
✔15% Purple Top Turnip
✔15% Winfred Forage Brassica
✔10% Ladino White Clover
✔10% New Zealand White Clover
✔10% Medium Red Clover

The lush clovers and leafy brassicas make this diverse mix a whitetail fall favorite!
Seeding rate: 7-12 lbs./acre
Bee Clover Food Plot Mix
✔20% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
✔15% Crimson Red Clover
✔25% Alsike White Clover
✔15% Dutch White Clover
✔15% Ladino White Clover
✔10% White Blossom Sweet Clover
✔10% Birdsfoot Trefoil

This perennial mix attracts deer and pollinator insects.
Seeding rate: 10-12 lbs./acre
Beets & Sweets Food Plot Mix
✔45% Sugar Beet
✔20% Swiss Chard
✔20% Purple Top Turnip
✔5% Kale
✔5% Ethiopian Cabbage
✔5% Berseem Clover

A unique mix of sweet, low-growing leaves, stems and roots; this mix is frost tolerant and will stay green into the fall and early winter months.
Seeding rate: 9-12 lbs./acre
Brassica Blend Food Plot Mix
✔20% Winfred Forage Brassica
✔20% Purple Top Turnip
✔20% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed
✔20% Hunter Forage Brassica
✔20% Rangiora Forage Brassica

This is a fast growing brassica mix that produces forage to attract and hold deer to your fall food plots.
Seeding rate: 5-9 lbs./acre
Buck & Bird Food Plot Mix
✔35% Peredovik Black Sunflowers
✔20% Dwarf Grain Sorghum
✔15% Buckwheat
✔10% Millet
✔10% Grain Sorghum
✔10% Red Cowpeas

Popular for both deer and upland game birds, this mix is best planted in the spring to allow for seed development.
Seeding rate: 18-25 lbs./acre
Fawn Cover & Refuge Food Plot Mix
✔25% Ladino White Clover
✔15% Trefoil
✔15% Alfalfa
✔15% Fawn TRall Fescue
✔10% High Sugar Perennial Ryegrass
✔10% Chicory
✔10% 990 Elite Brand Red Clover

This mix provides a blend of forages and shelter for fawns.
Seeding rate: 10-15 lbs./acre
Logger's Trail Forage Plot Mix
✔30% Fawn TRall Forage Fescue
✔30% Creeping FRed Fescue
✔10% Dutch White Clover
✔10% Alsike White Clover
✔10% High Sugar Perennial Ryegrass
✔10% Annual Ryegrass

This perennial mix grows well in shaded or forested areas and soils with low fertility, acidic or wet features. This is a great addition to wooded trails!
Seeding rate: 18-25 lbs./acre
Perennial Plus Clover Food Plot Mix
✔25% Ladino White Clover
✔25% Chicory
✔20% 990 Elite Brand Red Clover
✔`15% Dutch White Clover
✔15% New Zealand White Clover

This long-lived, high-protein, grass-free blend attracts a wide variety of wildlife, especially deer and turkey. This mix cann be planted in spring or fall.
Seeding rate: 9-12 lbs./acre
Pheasant & Quail Food Plot Mix
✔20% Kesters BobwhiteTrailing Soybean
✔20% Peredovik Black Sunflowers
✔15% Red Cowpea
✔15% Buckwheat
✔10% Barley
✔10% Dwarf Grain Sorghum
✔ 5% Japanese Millet
✔ 5% Dove Proso Millet

This mix is great for upland game birds.
Seeding rate: 25-30 lbs./acre
Quad Pro Bean Food Plot Mix
✔35% Forage Soybean
✔20% Kester's Bobwhite Trailing Soybean
✔15% Rongai Lablab
✔15% Red Cowpea
✔15% Snap Bean

This mix is fast growing and generally matures in 60 days. Quad Pro Bean is high in protein and will grow in a wide variety of soils.
Seeding rate: 40-50 lbs./acre
Plot Restore Food Plot Mix
✔67% Berseem White Clover
✔33% Daikon Oil Seed Forage Radish

This combination of berseem clover and Daikon radish adds nitrogen to the soil and scavenges nutgrients from deep below, helping prfepare an area for a food plot. An added bonus will be the deer that stop by to graze!
Seeding rate: 10-15 lbs./acre
Prime Time Brassica Food Plot Mix
✔25% Daikon Oil Seed Forage Radish
✔25% Winfred Forage Brassica
✔25% Pasja Forage Turnip
✔25% Sub Zero Forage Brassica

Prime Time Brassica is a nutritious and palatable forage mix that tolerates temperatures as low as 10-15°F and grows in multiple soil types.
Seeding rate: 5-9 lbs./acre
Sandy Sure Shot Food Plot Mix
✔35% Peredovik Black Sunflowers
✔30% Soybean
✔20% Buckwheat
✔10% Ladino Clover
✔2.5% Winfred Forage Brassica
✔2.5% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed

This mix of sand-tolerant species was selected to attract both deer and game birds while handling drier soils.
Seeding rate: 25-30 lbs./acre
Silver Screen Food Plot Mix
✔65% Forage Soybeans
✔35% Egyptian Wheat

Developed to provide forage, privacy and security for your deer population, this mix works well when planted in 10- to 20-foot strips along roadsides and food plot edges.
Seeding rate: 40-50 lbs./acre
Spring Greens Food Plot Mix
✔70% Spring Triticale
✔10% Winfred Forage Brassica
✔10% Daikon Oil Seed Forage Radish
✔ 5% Swiss Chard
✔ 5% Pasja Turnip

These spring greens provide quality protein, minerals and energy to support growth and antler development. This mix grows well on a variety of soils and has the ability to handle semi-shady areas.
Seeding rate: 18-25 lbs./acre
Succulent Succotash Food Plot Mix
✔25% Winter Rye
✔25% Barley
✔20% Winfred Forage Brassica
✔15% Purple Top Turnip
✔15% Dwarf Essex Rapeseed

Whenn other food sources are brown and dormant, this fall forage mix remains green and lush -- even under the snow! This mix performs best when planted in late summer.
Seeding rate: 18-25 lbs./acre
Wildlife Clover Food Plot Mix
✔25% Alsike White Clover
✔20% 990 Elite Brand Red Clover
✔15% Ladino White Clover
✔15% Dutch White Clover
✔10% Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass
✔10% High Sugar Perennial Ryegrass
✔ 5% Chicory

This perennial is a balanced mix of grass, clover and chicory. It will attract wildlife and pollinators of all kinds.
Seeding rate: 9-12 lbs./acre
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